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Cherrapunji 48-hour Rainfall Record

A WMO international panel of meteorologists and climatologists from Argentina, Colombia, France, Germany, India, Morocco, Spain and the United States has recently completed an investigation of a potential world record extreme. This international panel of meteorologists and climatologists has assessed the precipitation record at Cherrapunji in India on 15–16 June, 1995. They have recommended (and the WMO Rapporteurs accepted)the rainfall record accumulated during this 48-hour period as being the new "highest 48-hour precipitation for the world." The accumulated precipitation during that 48-hour period at Cherrapunji was 2493mm. That exceeds the old WMO recognized extreme value of 2467mm which occurred at Aurère, La Réunion on 7-9/4/1958.

Cherrapunji India: 2.493 m (98.15")