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World: Longest Duration Lightning

World: Longest Distance Lightning

Record Value 16.730 ± 0.002 second
Date of Record (DMY) 3/4/2019 08:09:38.208 -> 08:09:54.938 UTC 4/3 (March)/2019
Length of Record 1/1/2018-present
Instrumentation Geostationary Lightning Mapper on Geostationary Operational Environmental Satellites (GOES-16/17)
Geospatial Location Santa Fe/Entre Rios Provinces, Argentina [32.00°S/63.68°W to 33.92°S/59.16°W]


WMO Evaluation Panel of experts in charge of global weather and climate extremes within the WMO Commission for Climatology (CCl) consisted of the following experts: Michael J. Peterson (US) Timothy J. Lang (US), Eric C. Bruning (US),Rachel Albrecht (Brazil) Richard J. Blakeslee (US) ,Walter A. Lyons (US), Stéphane Pédeboy (France), William Rison (US), Yijun Zhang (China), Manola Brunet (Spain), Randall S. Cerveny (US)..


The top GLM flash in terms of duration ended at 08:09:54 UTC on 3/4/2019 over northern Argentina. This 16.728±0.002 s flash began along its eastern flank and then meandered westward through the stratiform region of its parent MCS, turning back towards the convective line to the north. GLM measured this flash at 473±8 km across.This flash partially fell within the coverage domain of an LMA located in the viscinity of Cordoba, Argentina (Lang et al. 2020). While most of the flash occurred > 200 km from the center of the array, and thus was not mapped, the ground-based network did detect the rapid northwest propagation of the flash starting after 08:09:48. This result clearly demonstrates the value of GLM over LMAs in mapping the complete horizontal extent (and duration) of lightning flashes.

Previous Record .

7.74 seconds occuring 04:18:50 UTC, 30/8 (August) 2012 in Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur, France 44.06°N;,

Locator Map (Courtesy of AGU)