World: Greatest 12-Month (1 Year) Rainfall

World: Greatest Twelve-Month (1 Year) Rainfall

Record Value 26.47 m (1042.0", 86.8')
Date of Record 8 [August] / 1860 - 7 [July] / 1861
Formal WMO Review No
Length of Record 1851-present
Instrumentation Recording Rain Gauge
Geospatial Location Cherrapunji, India [25°02'N, 91°08'E, elevation: 1313m (4308ft)]


Paulhus, 1965: Indian Ocean and Taiwan rainfalls set new records, Monthly Weather Review, 93(5), pp. 331-335; Jennings, 1950: World's greatest observed point rainfalls, Monthly Weather Review, 78(1), pp. 4-5, Thapliyal and Kulshrestha, 1992: Which is the rainiest place in the world, Mausam, 43(3), pp. 331-332;


Monsoonal rainfall in this region is accented and amplified by orographic uplift (Walker, 1972). Jennings gives a precise value of 1041.78"

cherrapunji, india

Closeup Satellite Image of Cherrapunji, India

cherrapunji, india

Regional Satellite Image of Cherrapunji, India