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WMO Region VI (Europe): Lowest Temperature

WMO Region VI (Europe): Lowest Temperature

Record Value -66.1°C (-87°F)
Date of Record 9/1/1954
Length of Record 11/1952-6/1954
Instrumentation Presumably Maximum/Minimum Thermometer in Standard Stevenson Screen
Geospatial Location Northice, Greenland [78°04'N, 38°29'W, elevation: 2341m (7680ft)]


Krause and Flood, 1997: Weather and Climate Extremes, US Army Corps of Engineers Topographic Engineering Centerpp. 89; Quiroz, 1958: Lowest temperature in Greenland, Monthly Weather Review, 86(3), pp. 99, Hamilton and Rollitt, 1957: British North Greenland expedition 1952-54: climatological tables for the site of the expedition's base at Britannia So (lake) and the station on the inland-ice Northice, Medd Gronland, 158, pp. 1-83;


Northice was a research station established by the British North Greenland Expedition (Hamilton and Rollitt, 1957). Although the period-of-record is less than 2 years, temperatures below -59.4°C were recorded 16 times during that period (Quiroz, 1958).

WMO Region VI

WMO Region VI (Europe)

Northice, Greenland

Closeup Satellite Image of Northice, Greenland

Northice, Greenland

Regional Satellite Image of Northice, Greenland