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Tornado: Widest Tornado (maximum diameter)

Tornado: Widest Tornado (maximum diameter)

Record Value 4184 meters (2.6mi) in width
Date of Event 31/5 (May)/2013
Length of Record 1950-present
Geospatial Location El Reno, Oklahoma [35°31'N, 97°57'W, elevation: 414m (1358ft)]



This tornado was well-sampled by two separate mobile research radar teams, the University of Oklahoma RaXPol radar and the Center for Severe Weather Research's Doppler on Wheels. Both radars captured high temporal and spatial resolution data relatively close to the large tornado. The maximum tornado width was 2.6 miles. However, the damaging wind swath was much larger, as non-tornadic downdraftwinds extended for at least a mile south of the tornado. Given the difficulty of separating this damage from tornadic damage,the OU RaXPol radar was used to help determine the width.