Tornado: Longest Tornado Transport

Tornado: Longest Tornado Transport

Record Value 359 km (223 mi)
Date of Event 11/4/1991
Length of Record 1871-present
Geospatial Location Stockton Kansas to Winnetoon Nebraska


Snow, J.T., Wyatt, A.L., McCarthy, A.K. and E.K. Bishop, 1995: Fallout of Debris from Tornadic Thunderstorms: An Historical Perspective and Two Examples from VORTEX, Bulletin of the American Meteorological Society 76(10):1777-1790.


A personal check carried 359 km (223 mi.) Compiled from Grazulis's history from 1871-1990. Snow et al. cautioned users on pre-1950 data.

Stockton Kansas to Winnetoon Nebraska

Satellite Image showing beginning (Stockton Kansas) and end (Winnetoon Nebraska) points of tornado transport.