Eastern Hemisphere: Highest Temperature

Eastern Hemisphere: Highest Temperature

Record Value 55.0°C (131°F)
Date of Record 7/7/1931
Length of Record unknown
Instrumentation Presumably Maximum/Minimum Thermometer in Standard Stevenson Screen
Geospatial Location Kebili, Tunisia [33°42'N, 8°58'E, elevation: 38.1m (125ft)]


Service Meteorologique, Tunis


Chris Burt, weather historian for wunderground.com has noted there “is a disconnect between many of the old (pre 1950) French and Italian colonial temperature records from many African weather stations versus the modern records at these same sites. Kebili is one of those. Between 1920-1933 Kebili reported 50-55°C maximum temperatures almost every summer. But since 2000 its absolute maximum has been only 48.5°C.” But given available information from African colonial stations, the WMO is accepting this record as the highest temperature recorded in Africa.